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Welcome to the Age of Sail Heritage Museum

Overlooking the tidal Greville River, the center pays tribute to the heritage of the communities along the Minas Channel. Through pictures, videos, story telling, models, artifacts and hands-on exhibits, the museum brings to life the history of shipbuilding, lumbering and local community lives. The area boosts a rich history from the time of the dinosaurs to the Mi'kmaq and Acadians to loyalists and shipbuilders to the present day. The heritage center hosts a museum in an 1854 church, local blacksmith shop from the Wagstaff and Hatfield shipyard, as well as the Port Greville Lighthouse circa 1908 and a boathouse. A vast collection of genealogical and research material is available to the general public for their benefit. Definitely a "must see" stop while in the region.

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The Age of Sail Heritage Center is constantly evolving with new exhibits, new archives, new artifacts and new structures being added to the complex. Main displays are housed in a 1854 church and a 'boat-shaped' addition is with 4 outer display buildings, genealogy and research area, as well as a new wharf walkway. The Cafe and Gift Shop have been improved with an old fashioned store front and much larger kitchen.A new Memorial Garden and Our 'Founders Tree' are ongoing aspects of the center Sponsors may purchase leaves as a contribution to the ongoing efforts of the center. For more information on this initiative, please email us or call.


A large collection of photographs of the vessels and people from the Parrsborough Shore, the tools of the shipbuilding trade from the adze to hand planes to fids. A video on lumbering is an amazing old view of logging. A working blacksmith shop where courses are offered during the season. Community memories, Grandma's kitchen reminds us of life at home and the items used around home, a one room school house display exhibits books from the 1800's through to the 1970's. Our "ship" exhibits items used at sea or brought back as well as part of our beautiful collection of models. Rest a spell and read a book on the history or watch the amazing video "Around the horn" from Mystic Seaport. Items can be found from the 1800's until the last days of our shipbuilding history of the 1970's. A special area is set aside as a tribute to those who served.

A genealogical data base is available with our curator, with 54000 names, you'll find names like Hatfield, Wagstaff, Merriam and Spicer to name but a few.

The archives is open to the public when the curator is available. From maps to letters, pay cheques and photos, research is only a step away.

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Financial Assistance

The museum generates an income through admission fees and sales in the cafe and gift shop. These along with facility donations and fundraising, which are done throughout the year by volunteers, go to the general operation, including staffing and maintenance of the facility unless otherwise stated. Special donations may go to special projects. Government funding is limited to a yearly stipend from the Community Museum Assistance Program and Student Employment Grants. Occasionally special project grants are applied for. As a non-profit organization, fundraising and donations are vital to our survival.

 Please consider a contribution.

The Age of Sail Heritage Center is always interested in donations of pertinent new artifacts and archives. Any information relating to the lives of the shipbuilding, lumbering or seafaring families of the Parrsboro Shore is of interest to us; diaries, photos, journals, ledgers and household accounts etc. would be welcome additions to our growing collection, whether originals or copies.

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The Age of Sail Heritage Center gratefully acknowledges that none of this would have been possible without funding from ACOA,
the Municipality of Cumberland County, and the ongoing generosity of our supporters. We are most appreciative!